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Brazilian teak flooring at Chancelier Wood Flooring is made through highest quality engineering process in which we make use of qualitative adhesive materials to glue the real wood with extreme stability and durability. From modern living room to kitchen and outdoors, the teak wood flooring can be installed anywhere with its odor of leather and resistivity to rotting. If you want flooring with termite resistance, then teak flooring is the best option because the teak wood contains a natural resinous substance that protects it from termite. We offer Brazilian teak in a variety of specifications to use in commercial and residential application with its high durability. The floorings require less maintenance and lasting for a long time it you rake proper care of them. Our teak wood floor materials have ability to with stand wear and tear. Teak floorings at Chancelier Wood Flooring contain the freshness of contemporary designs and impeccable patterns. We use real teak hardwood in the construction of flooring and offer them with perfect polishing and sanding to ensure their long lasting usage. Therefore, you can customize Teak Wood Flooring according to your desire in order to get dimensionally stable floorings for your home.

CHANCELIER WOOD FLOORING is a large industrial manufacturer for wooden flooring products. Specializing inhardwood flooring, engineered wood flooringparquet flooring, exterior wood decking and sports flooring. Our factory located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. We are capable of supplying nearly 40,000 square meters of wood flooring products per month. Now we are exporting every month to North America, European Union, Middle East for high end projects.Commonwealth of Independent States for hardwood flooring and parquets, Australia, East & Southeast Asian countries.

We are looking forward to growing our business,find distributors, partners and contractors overseas. Our personalized approach and uncompromising attention to detail allows us to surpass our competition in quality and service. We provide a full service on your floor from the levelling to the sanding and polishing. OEM and customized flooring orders accepted. Welcome to visit to our factory and office at any time.

Please feel free to contact with us if you have any inquiries. Send email to: info@chancelierwoodflooring.com or call us(86) 181 4490 6809.