Why Acacia Wood Flooring Is Picked?

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Acacia is a term that refers to more than 1,200 varieties of tree and shrub species native to Australia and Africa. The acacia species used in hardwood flooring are grouped into two categories: small leaf acacia and large leaf acacia. Grows in diverse habitats including rainforests, woodlands and coastal dunes, Acacia Wood Flooring is very heavy and can withstand frequent rough use.

Reasons to choose Acacia Flooring:

Widespread applications: This flooring is suitable to both humans and pets in conditions of comfort. You can certainly install it in just about any part of the house, whether for your patio or indoor cabinets, fixtures or outdoor picnic sets.

Resistance from water and pests: Acacia wooden is endowed with a natural wax coating that protects it from unwanted pests and water, thereby adding to its toughness zone and reducing a chance of warping, rotting or swelling.

Availability: It is a fast-growing tree, this means it is always available.

Earth-friendly wood: By choosing this hardwood, people can be conscious of their environment as it can help reduce air and normal water pollution and related environmental problems.

Installation and maintenance: This wooden is good value for money which is available. Its natural gloss remains if you clean and polish it routinely.

Easy to install: Putting in acacia hardwood floor is dead easy as this wood is specially made for can be set-up easily on your existing Here, you needn’t keep or nail the floor coverings. No wonder, many owners do this themselves.

Home owners and interior designers always adore the beauty of Acacia Wood Flooring because they are unique. It has its own signature antique appeal and affordability factor too. There are many reasons why you should invest in acacia solid wood for your flooring and when there are X-factors too, you should definitely invest.


Interior Acacia Wood Flooring For Your Dream House

House is a place which you dream of since childhood and it’s not just to have a shelter but to call it your own and designed like you want. House come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, you can basically find houses which can be called as palaces. Taking care of a house with Acacia Wood Flooring is very dreamy but some people find it as a waste of time and money and they continue using their house as they were meant to last forever.

Some people choose to build their own house with utter love instead of straight away buying a new one because you can customize it according to your requirements.  You just need to decide what style of boat you want. Since, Wood Flooring is popular now because they are light in weight, strong, durable and easy to repair. Houses made with the wood looks very beautiful, but they involve a lot of time and money for yearly maintenance.

Acacia Wood Flooring type of flooring come as a solid sheet of flooring that can be fit together like puzzle pieces. Slip resistance is the main benefit of this type of flooring because it has that naturally high surface friction. The right type of flooring also allows you to maximize the space while offering everything you want.

There are many different types of material available in the market today for interior house flooring but there is a certain enigma about Wooden flooring which nothing else can capture. Once you have purchased a durable flooring material for your house, Acacia wood will serve you a longer protection. It is also recommended to purchase a floor cover which has a warranty to refund your money in case of any damage. It is considered as the best flooring material for a house and especially if you want to blend in the interiors thoroughly.


Photos of 200mm wide plank rustic teak engineered timber wood flooring


Photos of 200mm wide rustic teak engineered timber wood flooring

by Chancelier Wood Flooring

This is a special order from our high-end client for Four Season Hotel in Sychelles

this teak engineered flooring size is 1900x200mm in dimension, with thickness 15mm, and the top layer of teak wood is 4mm thick.

The surface and finishing of this teak engineered flooring is very hard to make, with the mixture of hand scraped finishing and brushed finishing in an antique style.

It would enhance the beauty of the luxurious decoration of the 5-star hotel in a very humble way.

Chancelier flooring is a professional manufacturer and supplier for teak flooring, engineered wood flooring and mosaic parquet flooring. We are looking forward to cooperating with international distributors and imports for teak flooring, engineered wood flooring and mosaic parquet wood flooring.

our website is www.chancelierwoodflooring.com

20mm wide plank engineered teak wood flooring antique rustic wide plank teak engineered timber wood flooring antique teak engineered wood flooring antique teak timber flooring antique teak timber wood flooring hand scraped teak engineered timber floors reclaimed teak flooring rustic engineered  teak flooring rustic teak engineered flooring rustic teak engineered wood flooring

Properties Of Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia hardwood is mostly found and produced in Australia and Africa from dicot angiosperm trees. When we talk about acacia, it is one of the most durable hardwoods with beautifully patterned trees in the world. These hardwoods can be used for various purposes like construction, cooking, barrels, making furniture and charcoal too, especially Acacia Wood Flooring is very well known.

Properties Of Hardwood:

  1. These are produced from the broad leafed trees with seeds
  2. Apt for high strength or rough structural applications
  3. Also apt interior applications like flooring and stairs
  4. Perfect for external purposes like cladding and decking
  5. Hardwood is stronger and denser than softwood
  6. Timber hardwoods are darker in color than the softwoods due to the thicker cell walls
  7. Much more resistant to dents and scratches than other woods
  8. Wood reacts to light exposure, thus the wood gains richness in color and may become darker or lighter over time
  9. Recyclable because of its long durability
  10. Because of the closed cell, they have vessel
  11. The botanical difference between the soft and hardwood is vessels or pores in their microstructures

Chancelier Wood Flooring is focused on retailing Acacia and providing you Acacia Wood Flooring. We are one of the respected companies in the business and we are trusted on installing wood flooring. Since Acacia woods are popular for its thermal insulation and elasticity, you can choose between numerous creations or else one can also opt for new design made according to clients’ plan.

Known for the incredulous quality of woods, we categorize Acacia supplies into color, grades, utility and finishes. All the hardwoods are obtained from organized plantations and farm forestry. So get going and choose wood flooring that would complement your interiors.

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Photos of Brazilian Cherry Jatoba Hardwood Flooring in Mahogany color

Photos of Brazilian Cherry Jatoba Hardwood Flooring in Mahogany color

by Chancelier wood flooring
a professional hardwood flooring manufacturer in China

Jatoba hardwood flooring is also named as Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring. Jatoba flooring wins the high reputation around the world due to its excellence in hardness, stability and affordable price, compared to other excellent hardwood floorings like teak flooring or padauk flooring.

As Jatoba flooring originates from South America, mostly Brazil, this flooring is more popular in Americas like USA or Canada than in Europe and Asia. However, more and more people in Asia and Europe know the excellence of Jatoba flooring in quality and price, and then tend to choose this new wood species of hardwood flooring.

The below photos of Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring are sent to us by our client in Dubai UAE, who is  a local distributor of hardwood flooring, introducing this new jatoba flooring to Dubai for high-end restaurant.

brazilian cherry timber wood flooring pictures brazilian cherry hardwood flooring pictures brazilian cherry wood flooring pictures jatoba hardwood flooring pictures jatoba wood flooring pictures brazilian cherry solid wooden floors pictures

Chancelier flooring, a professonal hardwood flooring manufacturer & supplier in Foshan Guangzhou China, manufacturing and exporting Brazilian Cherry Jatoba flooring, Brazilian teak timber flooring,  Burmese teak flooring & outdoor teak wood decking over 10years.

If you have any interest in our Brazilian Cherry Jatoba hardwood flooring, pls kindly contact us directly by email or phone call

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Photos of Natural Merbau hardwood timber Flooring in UV Oiled Finishing

Natural Merbau hardwood timber Flooring in UV Oiled Finishing

By Chancelier Wood Flooring

A professional hardwood Flooring manufacturer in China

These photos are from the regular order from our long-term client in Austria Europe.

Order details:

product: merbau hardwood flooring

specifications: 600x90x18mm

finishing: UV oil coating

Joints: Tongue & Groove

Color: Natural

Surface: Smooth

As Europe has a very cold winter, with snow, ice and temperature much lower than Zero. Thus houses in Europe usually has under floor heating system for the comfortable living in winter. Engineered wood flooring is preferred for installation on underfloor heating system, considering the possible shrinking and expanding of hardwood from big temperature change. Only a few hardwood floorings are suitable for underfloor hearting, such as real teak flooring & merbau flooring.

Natural Merbau flooring has a warm reddish brown color, offering a warm feeling to people in the cold winter. Further more, merbau flooring is very stable, with little change in dimensions with big temperate change. Other hardwood floorings might have expanding and shrinking, even cracking if the temperate change too much in a short time. UV oiled finishing feels very naturally, unlike UV lacquer coating, feeling like aritifitial.

As a result, merbau flooring is a very good hardwood flooring option for the area with cold winters.

Photos of Natural Mebrau hardwood timber Flooring in UV Oiled Finishing

oiled merbau hardwwood flooring

oiled merbau parquet wood flooring

oiled merbau flooringoiled merbau wood flooring

Chancelier flooring, a professonal hardwood flooring manufacturer & supplier in Foshan Guangzhou China, manufacturing and exporting merbau flooring, Brazilian teak timber flooring,  Burmese teak flooring & outdoor teak wood decking over 10years.

If you have any interest in our Indonesian merbau hardwood flooring, pls kindly contact us directly by email or phonecall

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Why Is Prefinished Acacia Wood Flooring Recommended?

Wood flooring is something which is very lavishing to look at but at first you need to know all about the process. The prefinished Acacia Wood Flooring is the best way to choose because after going through the construction process, you might not want to retain some more patience. Sometimes even weeks, before moving furniture back into the room. Even though the floor may be dry to the touch, it will be vulnerable to scraping until the waiting time has elapsed and the finish has fully cured.
Reasons Of Why Prefinished Wood Flooring Is Recommended:

1. Prefinished wood flooring is mostly recommended in the business but there are few professionals who believe that unfinished wood flooring is better. Prefinished wood flooring or the ones which is finished on-site using oil-based polyurethane, the homeowner must wait days to enter the house otherwise the hardwork will be ruined.

2. For days after applying an oil-based polyurethane for unfinished wood, you will smell and breathe in vapors from polyurethane resins and solvents. VOCs have been shown to be carcinogenic, and some waterborne polyurethanes produce them too. Prefinished is recommended because they are already cured in a factory and not in your living room.


3. Dust and errant hairs are another enemy of on-site floor finishing. You will need to take measures to protect prefinished floors and it will have contractors tromping around with tools and equipment around the house.

4. Unfinished wood might cost low at the very beginning but once you factor in finishing costs, prefinished ends up being less expensive. Prefinished solid wood floors initially cost more than unfinished wood flooring a good grade of red oak will be worth later.

5. While you choose the Acacia Wood Flooring, there is no need of staying home to complete the various stages of finishing job like sanding, sealing, staining, applying polyurethane and so on. A crew of two had our 300-square-foot solid wood floor installed, with underlayment, in only about two hours.


The strategy to invest on Acacia Flooring

Acacia wood flooring has not been known so well in comparison to other types of hardwood flooring, but it is one of the great options if you considering about getting new hardwood floors for your home. This hardwood flooring has been derived from acacia trees, which are commonly found in parts of Asia and Africa. This is why they are less known in Europe and the United States, but they are durable because of the environment in which they are grown.

Acacia comes from the area where there are extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions. Thus it makes the flooring stronger enough to withstand the elements in the home. A child riding a toy, a dog running over it and heavy toll of people will not bring damage on the flooring that you install at your home.

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When it comes to invest in new flooring material for your home, make sure to consider acacia wood flooring. It is best known for both elegant and robustness so it makes for a great investment. This option isn’t usually cheap but looking for deals online can give you the best value for money. Acacia hardwood deals are available online so you can get discounts when you look for the favorable deals.

 Before you make an investment on this type of flooring, you really should consider getting some installation samples for your better knowledge. People are conscious when they approach online and they ask for paint chips and carpet swatches, but there are some companies that allow you get sample of acacia hardwood flooring. You can look at the every single detail of this hardwood and then place your order.

When you get the sample, put it down in areas within your house and check its quality before you decide to make the final purchase. This is a very expensive purchase, and proper steps and considerations must be taken before you take any decision. You can even purchase at a brick and mortar store, but ordering online has some added benefit. Though it may take 8 to 10 days to get the sample and a few more days to get the acacia wood flooring done, you can save yourself the potential headache of finding the right flooring with the color or style of your choice.

Getting the sample will ensue that you get the best value for the investment. See the sample and how the wood looks in connection with the style and decor of your home. Then when are all set to place the entire order for installation, your end result will be perfect and more effective. Go online and request a sample for better understanding and more informed decision.

How Is Teak Wood Flooring As A Hardwood?

When it comes to choosing the right floor for your home, it becomes a daunting task, isn’t it? You must have heard a lot about hardwood and if you are considering wood, you should choose Teak Wood Flooring. It is a great choice for hardwood with amazing features to count on. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also sometimes find teak in wood pallets, which you can break up and reuse, provided you follow the guide on how to do the process safely.

Teak mostly grows in the countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Burma. Before teak planks can be harvested, trees are left to grow for up to 80 years and can often reach around 50m in height. It is an affordable wood to buy because you don’t have to pay for the additional shipping costs and extra costs to imported teak. However, when buying locally grown teak planks, you must always purchase from trustworthy companies that deliver only the highest quality wood.

Teak comes in planks and can be installed in any type of room. It is very durable and visually appealing type of hardwood, thus, you can easily install these on your living room or kitchen. It has a yellow-brown appearance which becomes darker as it matures or exposed to direct sunlight for extended amounts of time. Due to its look and water resistant properties, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications for flooring and decking purposes.

We being one of the most trustworthy suppliers of Teak Wood Flooring, we can avail you various types of hardwoods for flooring or decking purposes. We avail you wood flooring with relatively high tinsel strength and will be able to resist most of the wear that other hardwood flooring may not be able to perform. If you just need to repair your wood floors from scratches, dents and other damages, we can also help you with that.


Unfinished Asian Indonesian Teak hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Asian Indonesian Teak hardwood Flooring
By Chancelier Wood Flooring

Indonesian teak flooring, is also named as Asian teak flooring. It is made of real teak wood from Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Indonesian teak wood is genuine teak wood too, Tectona Grandis. However, Most of Indonesian teak woods are plantation teak wood, with ages ranging from 20-30years, some of them 40-50years.

Indonesian teak flooring looks wilder in wood grains and little lighter in colors, with obvious sound knots in appearance. This is the main feature of indonesian teak flooring, compared with Burmese or Burma teak flooring, which is the best-quality teak flooring around the world.

Asian Indonesian teak hardwood flooring becomes more and more popular now in the world, due to its large supply and its competitive price. Indonesian teak woods are usually planted by the government in a very large amount in plans, every year Indonesian government would do the logging according to the annual plan and would plant the teak tree to cover the harvested area. As a result, Indonesian teak wood is sustainable and eco-environmental to our world.

Chancelier Flooring imports and manufactures Indonesian teak flooring based on client requirements. We could produce asian teak flooring in natural color, smooth surface; or hand scraped rustic finishing.

Below are our unfinished natural Asian Indonesian teak flooring products for our clients

indonesian teak

unfinished asian teak wood flooring

unfinished indonesian teak flooring

unfinished indonesian teak hardwood timber flooring

unfinished indonesian teak wood flooring

unfinished natural asian teak hardwood timber flooring


Chancelier flooring, a professonal hardwood flooring manufacturer & supplier in Foshan Guangzhou China, manufacturing and exporting teak flooring, engineered oak timber flooring & parquet wood flooring over 10years.

If you have any interest in our Indonesian teak hardwood flooring, pls kindly contact us directly by email or phonecall

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