5 Hidden Design Parquet Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hardwood flooring is a traditional way of designing a grand palace or atleast you are in the mindset to make a space as grand as a palace. New and unique with designs, Design Parquet gives your space 3-Dimensional look. Timber is the best idea for flooring or decking purposes which you can find on www.chancelierwoodflooring.com.

Design Parquet

  1. Meaning Of Parquet: The term ‘parquet’ refers to wood flooring which is designed in angular and geometric patterns. It is the complete opposite of the term ‘marquetry’ which refers to wood floors that contain curved pieces.
  2. Flooring Purposes: Parquet style is very popular amongst the studio houses, exhibition centers and highly built offices. It creates an illusion of 3D effect and thus, the guest understands the range of the owner’s creative taste.
  3. Decking Purposes: After you finish installing the design and show it to the guests, they will be awestruck by the look of it and be completely mesmerized. Timbers blend so well with any design and yet manages to give a matte finish to it which is incredible. Since the Timber floorings are meant to be the elegant one, these are used in various resort deck and ships too.
  4. Less Wasteful Process: The engineered design is a lesser wasteful process and also it is available in a much lesser price than solid timber. Better for the environment, it allows one to have the benefits of a great looking wood floor without any guilt. This type of flooring avoids the way planks are manufactured as the subsurface layers of wood are laid in a cross-grain pattern.
  5. Dimensionally Stable: Better than solid timber, Design Parquet eliminates the gapping problem. It is the ideal choice as it makes the interior of your house much more appealing to look at. It resists cupping and crowning, as wider planks are even more vulnerable. It provides homeowners with a more economical and sustainable solution.