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What shall we do if the wood flooring is scratched

Regarding hardwood flooring, we just need to wax again the flooring and polish it if there is only a few scratches on the surface of wood flooring and the parquet lacquer is not yet broken


If the flooring lacquer is already broken or come off, we could firstly polish the flooring surface with fine sandpaper with soak water. After the flooring sanded is dry, we could paint the flooring and do the finishing and lacquer on the surface and then polish it with waxing

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If there is any scratch on the laminate flooring, that will be much easier. We just need to clean the parquet flooring with wet mop, enve no need for waxing

Could we use wet mop to clean the wood flooring ?

Could we use wet mop to clean the wood flooring ?

Definitely, we shall not clean the wood flooring with wet mop. Because the water in the mop would be left on top of the parquet and it will slowly get into the inside of the wood from the joints before the water is dry. Then the wood would expand after absorbing water and the flooring would unavoidably be cupping up. In this case, we could only take out all these cupping floorings and replace the new ones.

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That is what we call “A butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear”

The correct way for us to clean the parquet flooring is to use the damp mop ( not wet one). After the first round cleaning with damp mop, we would better do the 2nd round cleaning with a dry mop