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what is teak wood

What is teak wood

1 what is botanical name for teak wood?

The botanical or scientific name of teak wood is Tectona Grandis. Only Tectona Grandis is real teak wood, other teak woods like Brazilian teak wood or Golden Teak wood are not genuine teak wood.

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Bamboo flooring pros and cons

Bamboo flooring pros and cons


Bamboo flooring has become one of the most 3 flooring material around the whole world through replacing hardwood flooring. The other two flooring material are laminate wood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

Compared to hardwood flooring, the common point of these three flooring materials is the competitive and affordable price to most of people.

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What are the bamboo flooring problems that we should know

What are the bamboo flooring problems that we should know

1 What is bamboo flooring hardness?

Is bamboo hard or soft? It is very necessary to know the hardness of bamboo flooring.

The bamboo flooring hardness in Janka rating is as below

Horizontal/Vertical bamboo flooring: 1180psi

Strand woven bamboo flooring:2789psi

Black walnut hardwood flooring: 1010psi

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what is bamboo flooring

what is bamboo flooring

1 Is bamboo wood?

Bamboo is not wood plant, but a grass plant. Bamboo is the largest and highest grass plant on earth, with height up to 20meter and diameter over 20cm.

The main difference between grass plant and wood plant is that wood plant has annual rings in its solid wood trunk and grass plant has no solid stalk with annual rings. As we know well, bamboo stalk is hollow.

As a result, bamboo is not a wood plant.
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What is wenge wood?

What is wenge wood?

Wenge wood, with its scientific name Milletia laurentii, is an endangered hardwood in central Africa, mostly in Congo, Mozambique&Tanzania. Wenge wood trees could grow to be 30meter high, with trunk diameter about 1.2meter wide.


Due to its popularity in furniture, wood flooring & veneer in deco, wenge wood has been undergoing excessive logging with over 50% reduction in the past 30 years.

Wenge hardwood takes pride in its gorgeous beauty of wood grains and colors: dark chocolate wood ground color decorated with liner or wavy golden wood grains. This outstanding feature of wenge wood absorbs a prevailing admiration & application among designers & architects for interior & exterior decoration of houses.

wenge detail

Wenge wood has hard surface& coarse texture, excellent stability in dimensions & good resistance against decay & termites, similar to other exotic hardwood such as Iroko ( African Teak) Wood, Merbau wood. That is why wenge wood flooring and wenge wood furniture are so popular now.

With very low luster, chocolate –color wenge wood contains rich resin inside. Thus staining colors to wenge wood is not practical, in the angle of efficiency. As a result, oil finishing is the popular way of finishing process for wenge wood. As to the un-finishing surface, that is never an choice for wenge flooring, wenge furniture or wenge cabinets, due to the toxicity of wenge wood.


The taxicity of wenge wood is never severe, to human bodies or animals. But wenge powder does bring about irritation of eyes or skins and slight effect on nervous system, even causing pains in belly. In history, fine wenge powder was used by people to numb fish for fishing.

What are merbau wood properties

What are merbau wood properties

1.where does merbau come from

    Merbau wood, with its scientific name of IntsiaBiujga, is also named as Kwila wood. Merbau wood is mainly originated from Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Phipines&Papua New Guinea. Merbau wood is also planted in Africa.

In China, merbau wood resources are usually imported from Indonesia and Africa. As a result, Merbau wood is also named after its origin: Indonesian merbau wood & African Merbau wood.

merbau wood properties

2. What is merbauwood color?

    erbau wood has very obvious wood variation from heartwood to sapwood, with dark brown color of heartwood to light golden color of its sapwood. Its main color hue is light red to dark golden color.

    Merbau wood has a unique feature for its color: there are little golden sparks in the merbau wood, only 2-4mm long and 1mm wide. These golden sparks are particular to merbau wood, compared to other wood species,such as taun wood, mahogany wood & teak wood.

    Merbau wood has,in its wood structure, naturally dark brown colloidsubstance, which would dissolve with the contact of water and would be washed away by water. This is what people call “merbaubleeding”.Andmerbau wood dark brown color would fade away and turn grey. In order to prevent merbau bleeding, merbau wood for outdoor use, such as merbau wood decking, needs to be processed with oil finishing.

merbau wood properties

3. What is Merbau wood hardness in Janka rating?

    Is Merbau a hardwood?

    Many people will have such a question about merbau wood.

    In fact, Merbau parquet wood is very hard even in the range of hardwood species, with itsJanka rating hardness about 1850 Ps, 80% higher than teak wood & black walnut wood, 35% higher than oak hardwood, 10% higher than golden teak hardwood, merely 3% lower than excellent wenge hardwood.

    Therefore, merbau wood, or merbau hardwood, is very suitable for hardwood flooring, hardwood cladding & hardwood furniture.

merbau wood properties

4. what is merbau wood density ?

    As an excellent hardwood species, merbau wood density is also very high:

after kiln dry, merbau wood density with 12% moisture content is about 800kgs/m3 – 940kgs/m, that means 23% higher than teak wood density &taun wood density,33% higher than birch wood density.

5. What is merbau wood sustainability or durability?

    Since merbau hardwood has very high hardness in Janka rating and high density, as per common knowledge about hardwood quality, such hard and high-density hardwood is extremely durable and stable in dimension, even in severe climates. Actually, merbau hardwood is very famous for its sustainability and stability in dimensions.

    Merbau wood durability also originates from its oily wood feature, which is very similar to teak wood. Its natural wood oil protects merbau from water & biting of worms, extending its lifetime even for outdoor use.

merbau wood properties

6. Is merbauwood termite resistant?

    Merbau is not just durable and stable, but also excellent at resistace against termite. That is why merbau outdoor wood decking becomes so popular in Asia ad Australia. As merbau hardwood price is 40%-50% lower than Burmese teak hardwood (also extremely resistant to termite), more and more people prefer to use merbau wood decks to replace Burmese wood decks for outdoor use.

    According to the above size aspects in wood properties, we could definitely have a better understanding about merbau wood and the excellent quality of merbau wood. As a professional manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring and outdoor hardwood decking,Chancelier wood flooring strongly advice to our customers to consider merbau hardwood as their outdoor wood decks, due to the excellence of merbau wood properties.

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