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The Benefits of Choosing Merbau Parkett for Flooring

Merbau is one of the popular hardwoods commonly found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean Islands. This wood is used to make wooden floors. It is widely considered as a high quality timber gaining utmost reputation like oak.

The wood that has been used for Merbau Parkett can be done with minimal alteration to it or it can be engineered to produce nicely made wooden stripes that provide more clear and versatile flooring options.

Benefits of using Merbau Parkett Flooring

  • It is rich in natural oil that makes the flooring shine naturally and for a long time.
  • This type of flooring is easy to work while giving any shape, cutting and fixing the flooring easy.
  • It is available in various colour ranges from shades of yellow to shades of brown.
  • Merbau wood is weathered and fungi resistant thus making it highly durable.
  • This is wood is perfect to look after finishing. You can paint it and polish it to get a look and extremely wonderful appearance.
  • Less maintenance is required for Merbau flooring.
  • Also the flooring is easy to clean and make sure to follow the instructions given for maintaining the particular finish that has been given to your Merbau flooring.

The most excellent and unique characteristic of Merbau wood is that it is red when wet, however with good finishing this is not a point to concern  and the flooring can also last up to 50 years. Thus, this flooring is well worth your money after its installation.

Merbau Parkett- Popular Hardwood Flooring Known for Durability

Traditionally used for building houses, the Merbau wood is known for its great commercial significance. Today, it has been used for making doors, facades and as well for stairs, furniture, heavy tables, musical instruments and timber for special requirements.  In Germany Merbau is mainly used for wood flooring needs, known as Merbau Perkett. The extra harness of the timber makes it suitable for public as well as commercial buildings. Moreover, it has also been used in building bridges or erecting power poles.

The best thing about wooden flooring is that it is very durable and can last for years if you take proper care and attention to protect it. The flooring doesn’t get wear out easily and can survive longer than carpet or any synthetic material do. Although the initial cost of Merbau Parkett may seem higher than that other type of flooring, it is worth paying the money because of the fact that you don’t have to replace it often.

On the surface area, hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and taken care of, and you do not need to take extra care. Don’t clean your floor with any chemical, because it can take the life of your hardwood. Using the wrong product for cleaning the floor can end up burning the floor.  To increase durability of your hardwood flooring, you are recommended to acquire proper knowledge of cleaning or take the help of professional cleaners after every few years. This will help to remove dirt or other elements from the flooring at the same time help to maintain the shine and texture.