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How Is Teak Wood Flooring As A Hardwood?

When it comes to choosing the right floor for your home, it becomes a daunting task, isn’t it? You must have heard a lot about hardwood and if you are considering wood, you should choose Teak Wood Flooring. It is a great choice for hardwood with amazing features to count on. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also sometimes find teak in wood pallets, which you can break up and reuse, provided you follow the guide on how to do the process safely.

Teak mostly grows in the countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Burma. Before teak planks can be harvested, trees are left to grow for up to 80 years and can often reach around 50m in height. It is an affordable wood to buy because you don’t have to pay for the additional shipping costs and extra costs to imported teak. However, when buying locally grown teak planks, you must always purchase from trustworthy companies that deliver only the highest quality wood.

Teak comes in planks and can be installed in any type of room. It is very durable and visually appealing type of hardwood, thus, you can easily install these on your living room or kitchen. It has a yellow-brown appearance which becomes darker as it matures or exposed to direct sunlight for extended amounts of time. Due to its look and water resistant properties, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications for flooring and decking purposes.

We being one of the most trustworthy suppliers of Teak Wood Flooring, we can avail you various types of hardwoods for flooring or decking purposes. We avail you wood flooring with relatively high tinsel strength and will be able to resist most of the wear that other hardwood flooring may not be able to perform. If you just need to repair your wood floors from scratches, dents and other damages, we can also help you with that.


Unfinished Asian Indonesian Teak hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Asian Indonesian Teak hardwood Flooring
By Chancelier Wood Flooring

Indonesian teak flooring, is also named as Asian teak flooring. It is made of real teak wood from Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Indonesian teak wood is genuine teak wood too, Tectona Grandis. However, Most of Indonesian teak woods are plantation teak wood, with ages ranging from 20-30years, some of them 40-50years.

Indonesian teak flooring looks wilder in wood grains and little lighter in colors, with obvious sound knots in appearance. This is the main feature of indonesian teak flooring, compared with Burmese or Burma teak flooring, which is the best-quality teak flooring around the world.

Asian Indonesian teak hardwood flooring becomes more and more popular now in the world, due to its large supply and its competitive price. Indonesian teak woods are usually planted by the government in a very large amount in plans, every year Indonesian government would do the logging according to the annual plan and would plant the teak tree to cover the harvested area. As a result, Indonesian teak wood is sustainable and eco-environmental to our world.

Chancelier Flooring imports and manufactures Indonesian teak flooring based on client requirements. We could produce asian teak flooring in natural color, smooth surface; or hand scraped rustic finishing.

Below are our unfinished natural Asian Indonesian teak flooring products for our clients

indonesian teak

unfinished asian teak wood flooring

unfinished indonesian teak flooring

unfinished indonesian teak hardwood timber flooring

unfinished indonesian teak wood flooring

unfinished natural asian teak hardwood timber flooring


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