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Interior Acacia Wood Flooring For Your Dream House

House is a place which you dream of since childhood and it’s not just to have a shelter but to call it your own and designed like you want. House come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, you can basically find houses which can be called as palaces. Taking care of a house with Acacia Wood Flooring is very dreamy but some people find it as a waste of time and money and they continue using their house as they were meant to last forever.

Some people choose to build their own house with utter love instead of straight away buying a new one because you can customize it according to your requirements.  You just need to decide what style of boat you want. Since, Wood Flooring is popular now because they are light in weight, strong, durable and easy to repair. Houses made with the wood looks very beautiful, but they involve a lot of time and money for yearly maintenance.

Acacia Wood Flooring type of flooring come as a solid sheet of flooring that can be fit together like puzzle pieces. Slip resistance is the main benefit of this type of flooring because it has that naturally high surface friction. The right type of flooring also allows you to maximize the space while offering everything you want.

There are many different types of material available in the market today for interior house flooring but there is a certain enigma about Wooden flooring which nothing else can capture. Once you have purchased a durable flooring material for your house, Acacia wood will serve you a longer protection. It is also recommended to purchase a floor cover which has a warranty to refund your money in case of any damage. It is considered as the best flooring material for a house and especially if you want to blend in the interiors thoroughly.

Hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring Pictures

Hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring Pictures

acacia hand scraped hardwood flooring means acacia hardwood flooring with hand scraped finishing, which is irregularly un-even surface processed with scraping by hands, not processed with scraping by machines.

Hand scraped finishing would give people an authentic feeling of living in Nature when people walk on this un-even hardwood flooring.

Acacia hand scraped hardwood flooring is very popular among hardwood floorings, thanks to acacia beauty and the special touching of hand scraped finishing.

There are many types of hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring, with the different stains of colors for acacia flooring.

The options of hand scraped acacia flooring manufactured by Chnancelier wood flooring are including as below:

tobacco road acacia handscraped hardwood flooring

hand scraped natural acacia hardwood flooring

sunset hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring

Bronze hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring

Golden acacia hand scraped hardwood flooring

Dark hand scraped acacia hardwood flooring

 As a professional acacia hardwood flooring supplier and manufacturer, Chancelier wood flooring shares the photos of handscraped acacia flooring with different colors for our clients.

hand scraped acacia flooringacacia hand scraped hardwood flooringhand scraped acacia flooracacia hand scraped hardwood floorshand scraped acacia hardwood flooringacacia handscrapedhand scraped acacia engineered flooringacacia hand scraped hardwood flooracacia hand scraped engineered flooringhand scraped acacia wood flooring

dark acacia handscraped hardwood flooringhand scraped acacia floorings

hand scraped acacia floors

black acacia hardwood flooring hand scraped

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American red oak, a wood with breathing!

American red oak, a wood with breathing!

American red oak is regarded as a wood with breathing, due to its wooden fiber full of pin holes. Such structure gives excellent air permeability and moisture conserversation to American red oak hardwood. As a result, American red oak hardwood flooring is very good at keeping moisture content and keeps steady temperature inside the rooms. That is why American red oak hardwood floors become more and more popular now around the whole world, although red oak solid hardwood flooring price is not so attractive as big leaf acacia hardwood flooring price and birch hardwood flooring price. Considering the quality and the excellent performance of red oak flooring, red oak wood flooring price, about USD 35-45/m2, is really worthy.

american red oak

American red oak hardwood flooring pros and cons

1 red oak wood flooring color is beautiful and fresh. Its naturally pinkish color is unique among all the hardwood floors, just like the sparkling pinkish diamond among a cluster of brightening white diamonds.

2 the wood grain of red oak wood flooring always look active and fresh, like an elegant dancing girl with her beautiful dancing performance.

3 red oak hardwood is easy to sand and cut for production due to its medium hardness. Thus it is also easy for red oak wood floors to be stained with other colors. The medium-hardwood surface of red oak hardwood floors provides strong adhesive force to UV lacquer coating which has strong resistance against scratch and abrasion.

4 red oak hardwood is very stiff, very difficult to break it.

red oak hardwood from southern USA is different from red oak hardwood from northern USA, not only in the looking and surface, but also in other hardwood features.

American red oak

        red oak hardwoods are all imported from United States.

One of the outstanding features for American red oak solid wooden floors, is its beautifully active& wavy wood grain, which is clear and always attractive. This wavy wood grain looks very lovely and awesome for solid wooden floors and solid wood cabinets for the overall decoration in the houses.

American red oak

American red oak hardwood is one of the high yield hardwood resources, including its growth resources and its production of sawn lumber and plank boards. Therefore, American red oak is regarded as one of mostly easily obtainable hardwood species in United States, playing an important role in hardwood supply around the world. Besides, American red oak hardwood is the most popular hardwood species to American people for their hardwood furniture, solid hardwood floors and wall panels indoors for decoration.

American red oak

        Red oak sap wood looks a little milky and light brownish and its heartwood appears special pinkish brown color. With similar looking as white oak hardwood, red oak wood has thinner and longer pith radial. In fact, red oak hardwood wood grain are mostly straight, with little amount of wavy wood grain; but its wood grain looks very wide and active, thus most of people are impressive with its wavy and wide wood grain.

The name of red oak hardwood originates from its leaf turning red in Autumn. Red oak hardwood does not really look red for its wood.

American red oak

        American red oak hardwood is mainly found in the eastern area of United States, with high hardness and high density, its wood features suitable for mechanical processing. red oak hardwood from different origins, have different wood color, wood grain and wood features. For example, red oak hardwood from the South has faster growth rate than red oak hardwood in in the north, and the southern red oak hardwood has higher hardness and density; the southern red oak hardwood has redder color, with obvious wood variation; the northern red oak has lighter pinkish color, looks more milky, uniform and clean in color, with less wood variation. Thus southern red oak hardwood is suitable for stained dark color and northern red oak is best for its natural light color. 

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Color variation of wood flooring

Color variation of wood flooring

More and more people are fond of wood flooring for their houses, because of its comfort and leisure to houses. However, most of people find it very hard to accept the natural color variation of wood flooring, which they believe would destroy the overall decoration effect for their houses. Thus people would be very fastidious about the perfect and clean color of wooden floors when deciding the flooring for their houses, in order to get perfect wooden floors without any color variation.

As a professional wooden floors manufacturer and supplier, Chancelier Wood Flooring here would like to introduce all information about wooden floors color variation, in a professional way.

chancelier wood flooring

1.the color variation of wooden floors

Color variation means the variation or difference between two colors. The color is determined in 3 main features: color tone, color saturation and color gloss. Color variation is a reflection of difference among these three aspects for one certain color. When customers go to the wooden floors shops, choosing the wooden floors for their houses, they find that nearly all the wooden floors look a little different in colors, some of them in light color, some of them in darker color. Such a phenomenon in wooden floor color is exactly the color variation of teak wood flooring.

chancelier wood flooring

2.solid hardwood flooring has more obvious color variation?

Compared to laminate wooden floors and engineered wooden floors, solid hardwood flooring definitely has more obvious color variation. Solid hardwood flooring is produced with 100% real timber plank of one wood species, which is influenced by sunlight during tree growth and the colors of heartwood and sapwood look different: heartwood color usually is a little darker than sapwood color. As a result, solid hardwood flooring unavoidable appear color variation conditions.

chancelier wood flooring

3.why there is color variation for wooden floors?

1) Natural factor:  during tree growth in the forest, the wood is majorly influenced by weather change, sunlight shining and soil conditions. Thus the woods from the same area appear a little color variation because of the slight influence of natural factors; even for one piece of wood, the wood grain and wood color also appear little different. Heartwood, inside the cutting end, is darker; sapwood, outside the cutting end, looks lighter.

2) Installation factor: as wooden floors has color variation, installation workers should select the color among the wooden floors and install those flooring planks with similar color together, or put those floor planks with obvious color variation to hidden places. Or else, the wooden flooring installed without color selecting and matching looks more obvious in color variation.

3) Environment factor: usually the wood flooring near windows looks brighter or lighter than the flooring in dark site, as sunlight gets inside the house from windows and makes the flooring near windows lighter & brighter.

chancelier wood flooring

4.color variation of wood flooring is a quality issue ?

laminate wooden flooring is an artificial wood flooring, with HDF material and wood grain paper, thus laminate wooden flooring has no wood color variation. Engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring, are all real wood floorings, with its natural color determined by natural environments. As a result, it is not reasonable to require engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring without any wood color variation, which is a natural phenomenon of wood. Even in National Quality Standard for wood flooring, there is also not specific requirement on wood color variation. Little wood color variation for wood floorings is acceptable and more natural in looking.

chancelier wood flooring

How to solve the issue of wood floor color variation?

In order to avoid the obvious color variation of wood flooring to influence the overall decoration effect for the house, we suggest that wood flooring should be installed for the 1sttime as trial installation. During trial installation, selecting flooring planks with similar colors and install these flooring planks gradually from light color to dark color. Put those flooring planks with big color variation to the site for sofa, kitchen or beds. This will decrease the looking effect of wood color variation.

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This is probably the most expensive floor in the world!

This is probably the most expensive floor in the world!

What kind of hardwood flooring of around 160sqf would be to cost you over USD 12000.00 in total?Rosewood? Ebony hardwood?Or Mosaic Parquet Flooring made in Italy?

kobe bryant hardwood flooring


It is maple hardwood sport flooring, taken from Kobe Bryant’s last game in Staples Center of Los Angeles Lakers, one of most famous &successful teams in NBA history. Kobe Bryant, one of the best players of NBA history, played for Lakers for 20 years, bringing 5 NBA champions to his team. In 2006-2007 season, Kobe scored 81 point, his new career high record, against Toronto Raptors. This is the second most points scored in a single game in NBA history behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game in 1962.

kobe stats

In Kobe’s final game against Utah Jazz in Staples Center, 38-year-old Kobe scored 60 points and helped Lakers win the game finally.

This USD 12000.00 hardwood flooring, from Kobe’s last game, printed with “8”, Kobe Number in his early career, was installed only for his last game to thank him for all he has done for Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers start auctioning this No.8 hardwood flooring section from Kobe’s finally game and the money from this Auction will be use for the team’s charity.

As a professional hardwood timber flooring manufacturer and supplier over 10 years, Chancelier wood flooring estimates that this sports maple hardwood flooring is around USD 3-5.0/sqf only for wholesale price. That means Kobe’s signature and installation in Kobe’s last game make this No. 8 hardwood flooring section increase its value at least 15 times.

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