Natural Brazilian tigerwood hardwood flooring Pictures

Natural Brazilian tigerwood hardwood flooring Pictures

by Chancelier Wood Flooring

A leading hardwood flooring manufacturer for tigerwood flooring & Jatoba floorng

Tigerwood flooring is has its high reputation for its warm color mixed with the wood grains of tiger skin, along with its excellence at stable, durable and waterproof features.

To some extend, tigerwood hardwood flooring is a very good replacement to Burma teak flooring or American Walnut hardwood flooring due to its more economical price. At the some time, the beauty of tigerwood flooring has its specialty in looking, at least able to rival the appearance of Burma teak flooring or Black walnut flooring, even Rosewood flooring.

In the aspect of cost, tigerwood flooring price or cost has advantages compared to Burma teak flooring price or Black walnut price. Tigerwood flooring price is only around 55%-60% of burma teak flooring price and 70%-75% of black walnut flooring price.  It would be a very rational choice for people to choose tigerwood flooring instead of burma teak flooring and black walnut flooring now.

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