5 Hidden Design Parquet Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hardwood flooring is a traditional way of designing a grand palace or atleast you are in the mindset to make a space as grand as a palace. New and unique with designs, Design Parquet gives your space 3-Dimensional look. Timber is the best idea for flooring or decking purposes which you can find on www.chancelierwoodflooring.com.

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Bamboo flooring pros and cons

Bamboo flooring pros and cons


Bamboo flooring has become one of the most 3 flooring material around the whole world through replacing hardwood flooring. The other two flooring material are laminate wood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

Compared to hardwood flooring, the common point of these three flooring materials is the competitive and affordable price to most of people.

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What are the bamboo flooring problems that we should know

What are the bamboo flooring problems that we should know

1 What is bamboo flooring hardness?

Is bamboo hard or soft? It is very necessary to know the hardness of bamboo flooring.

The bamboo flooring hardness in Janka rating is as below

Horizontal/Vertical bamboo flooring: 1180psi

Strand woven bamboo flooring:2789psi

Black walnut hardwood flooring: 1010psi

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what is bamboo flooring

what is bamboo flooring

1 Is bamboo wood?

Bamboo is not wood plant, but a grass plant. Bamboo is the largest and highest grass plant on earth, with height up to 20meter and diameter over 20cm.

The main difference between grass plant and wood plant is that wood plant has annual rings in its solid wood trunk and grass plant has no solid stalk with annual rings. As we know well, bamboo stalk is hollow.

As a result, bamboo is not a wood plant.
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Design Parquet For Your Office Studio

Parquet designs have many advantages as these are efficient representation to any project. Regardless of the choice of framework, it allows a great view to add up to your space. This latest Design Parquet is an exceptionally long and wide plank which has been cut down in designs and then it is installed in a way which can enthrall the space with design and patterns.  Continue reading

Herringbone parquet wood flooring pattern image



Herringbone parquet wood flooring pattrn images

From Chancelier Wood Flooring

A professional herringbone wood flooring manufacturer in China



All the photos below are the popular herringbone wood flooring patterns from Chancelier flooring, including herringbone engineered wood flooring and herringbone hardwood flooring.

We would like to share our popular designs and finishing for our herringbone parquet flooring with people, in order to ignite the appreciation of people around the world on herringbone parquet flooring for their dream houses for better living.

distressed oak herringbone wood flooring_meitu_3

Distressed Grey oak herringbone engineered wood flooring

size 910x125x15/3.0mm, popular for European market

brushed oak herringbone wood flooring_meitu_1



Brushed white oak herringbone parquet wood flooring

size 450x63x15mm

popular for Middle East and east Asia

dark oak herringbone wood flooring_meitu_2


Dark brushed distressed oak herringbone parquet flooring

size 450x63x15mm

popular for European market

hand scraped oak herringbone wood flooring_meitu_4


Scraped oak herringbone hardwood flooring

size 450x63x15mm

popular for Chinese domestic market


Taun wood herringbone wood flooring_meitu_5


Tuan wood herringbone wood flooring


popular for China domestic market

rosewood herringbone wood flooring

Project of rosewood herringbone engineered wood flooring

size 910x127x15mm

residential project in China

white oka herringbone wood flooring


Project of white oak herringbone parquet wood flooring

size 610x83x15mm

residential project for Europe

As an experienced herringbone wood flooring manufacturer, we are looking forward to cooperating with importers, distributors, wholesales, contractors and construction companies for hardwood flooring, Herringbone Parquet Flooring, from all around the world.  We are aimed to develop to be one of best international brands for parquet wood flooring.

The production of hand scraped hardwood flooring

The production of hand scraped hardwood flooring

The perfect hand scraped hardwood flooring has an imperfect aging appearance with uneven surface, knots, cracks, dents and even knife drawing, all of which have filled with long history from time. However, such an aging and antique looking of hand scraped hardwood flooring is made from craftsmen by hand from ordinary hardwood flooring, with simple work tools and their talents.

hand scraped hardwood flooring for traditional kitchen

hand scraped hardwood flooring

The production of hand scraped hardwood flooring is determined by three factors:

1.Talented and experienced craftsmen

2.Appropriate hardwood flooring

3.Color stains of hand scraped finishing

Not all of hardwood species for flooring are suitable for hand scraped finishing. Only those hardwood floorings with medium density & hardness, with beautiful grains and little knots are the best option for hand scraped production, such as hickory hardwood flooring, oak hardwood flooring, birch hardwood flooring & maple hardwood flooring. All of these four hardwoods are manufactured in huge amount for antique hand scraped hardwood flooring.

In contrast, Brazilian walnut hardwood, Brazilian teak hardwood and Merbau hardwood are not a good option for hand scraping, due to the extremely high hardness and density.

hand scraped oak hardwood flooring

hand scraped oak hardwood flooring

The talented and experienced craftsman is the key point in the production. The skills of experience craftsmen involve scooping, carving, denting, gouging& knife drawing on the imperfectsurface of hardwood flooring. The working tools for hand scraping process by craftsmen or workers are very simple, even primitive: scooper, chisel, planer, drawknife and gouge. All of these tools could be used by hand only. It can be imagined easily how much time and how much effort it takes for skillful workers to make those distinct hand scraped hardwood flooring.

hand scraping process by craftsmen

hand scraping process by craftsmen

According to the different appearance of hardwood flooring planks, experienced workers with talents are supposed to create the most appropriate looking for each hardwood planks by using the above skills.

The excellentcombination of these skills on the hardwood flooring planks would finally give rise to the artistic works of antique hand scraped hardwood flooring. 仿古重比红木1_副本However, only the color stains and UV coating is processed could the hand scraped hardwood flooring is finally finished and ready for installing. Color staining in a most suitable hue for those floorings is very important too. The wrong color stains, not matching the level of hand scraped finishing and hardwood species, would finallydestroy all the works and efforts in the beginning. Usually, hand scraped hardwood flooring would be stained into dark colors, or grey colors which would present people with a feeling of good old times and aging history.


What is wenge wood?

What is wenge wood?

Wenge wood, with its scientific name Milletia laurentii, is an endangered hardwood in central Africa, mostly in Congo, Mozambique&Tanzania. Wenge wood trees could grow to be 30meter high, with trunk diameter about 1.2meter wide.


Due to its popularity in furniture, wood flooring & veneer in deco, wenge wood has been undergoing excessive logging with over 50% reduction in the past 30 years.

Wenge hardwood takes pride in its gorgeous beauty of wood grains and colors: dark chocolate wood ground color decorated with liner or wavy golden wood grains. This outstanding feature of wenge wood absorbs a prevailing admiration & application among designers & architects for interior & exterior decoration of houses.

wenge detail

Wenge wood has hard surface& coarse texture, excellent stability in dimensions & good resistance against decay & termites, similar to other exotic hardwood such as Iroko ( African Teak) Wood, Merbau wood. That is why wenge wood flooring and wenge wood furniture are so popular now.

With very low luster, chocolate –color wenge wood contains rich resin inside. Thus staining colors to wenge wood is not practical, in the angle of efficiency. As a result, oil finishing is the popular way of finishing process for wenge wood. As to the un-finishing surface, that is never an choice for wenge flooring, wenge furniture or wenge cabinets, due to the toxicity of wenge wood.


The taxicity of wenge wood is never severe, to human bodies or animals. But wenge powder does bring about irritation of eyes or skins and slight effect on nervous system, even causing pains in belly. In history, fine wenge powder was used by people to numb fish for fishing.

Advantages Of Using Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered flooring is made using smaller pieces of woods that are glued together in thin layers. If you are the lover of making everything classy, then home would be incomplete without exotic Engineered Timber Flooring. Wood flooring is not just the requirement but a great installation is equally necessity of the house.

Advantages Of Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

Budget : It is probably half the cost of installing a real hardwood floor and roughly double the cost of quality wall carpet which is the cheapest floor covering. It is even competitive with the cost of refinishing an existing floor.

Engineered Timber Flooring,

Easy To Install : In spite of its cost friendliness, it is also easy to install and saves money in installation too. It takes a bit of time to install engineered hardwood flooring but in anyway a house cannot be completely floored in a day or so. Since, the material is prefinished, it requires no staining or urethane to complete, eliminating several costly and time-consuming steps in the process.

Superior Quality : Sanding, staining and varnishing are all part of any flooring process and defects in the final product may appear if stain is not evenly applied or varnish not properly applied and buffed. Engineered Timber Flooring are finished in a factory under controlled environment and thus, the finishing is uniform and too perfect to spot any mistakes.

Limited Maintenance : Due to its consistent quality, it is said that they do not require any waxing or regular maintenance. Just regular floor care products are enough to occasionally clean them. Though, it is great idea to wax these materials anyway.

Real hardwood floors can expand and contract with temperature and humidity but engineered hardwood flooring, tends to be more dimensionally stable, regardless of changes in humidity and temperature. So are you ready to enjoy all the advantages that Engineered Timber Flooring has to offer?

Why To Choose Engineered Timber Flooring?

teak flooring

A luxurious home is always incomplete without exotic hardwood flooring. Wood flooring is not just the requirement but a great installation is equally necessity of the house. The house only gets the perfect finishing after a perfect installation of the wooden flooring. Engineered Timber Flooring is something which adds up sophistication to the house and its design. It is the perfect combination efficiency and styling.

Engineered flooring is made using smaller pieces of woods that are glued together in thin layers. The smaller pieces of woods are joined in apt shape and trimmed down as per the desired size. Unlike laminate floors, engineered timber flooring is made entirely from real wood. It is a manufacturing process where the wood is not presented in traditional plank flooring and great for an aesthetic appeal. It is great for places where traditional flooring cannot be installed.

Engineered wood is a lesser wasteful process, and thus, available in a much lesser price than solid timber. Better for the environment, it allows one to have the benefits of a great looking wood floor without any guilt. This type of flooring avoids the way planks are manufactured as the subsurface layers of wood are laid in a cross-grain pattern.

Keeping in mind the environmental factors, Engineered Timber Flooring should be the ideal choice for contributing a bit in making world a better place and also make the interior of your house much more appealing to look at. It resists cupping and crowning, as wider planks are even more vulnerable. Dimensionally stable than solid timber, this eliminates the gapping problem.

It is undeniable that the elegance and warmth of the real timber is unmatched hen when compared to engineered wood but provides homeowners with a more economical and sustainable solution. Many homeowners, however, find the price and issues of solid timber flooring prohibitive. Engineered flooring is the clear solution as it is a great way to add value to a home and get a beautiful wood floor which will last.