Six Signs That You’re In Love With Herringbone Parquet Flooring



1. You are already in love with the traditional way of designing as a grand palace and you no more love the simple white wall coziness but strive for royal coziness. Atleast you are in the mindset to make a space as grand as a palace.

Herringbone Parquet Flooring2. You have suddenly become too creative with interior designing and you are actually turning good. As Herringbone Parquet Flooring gives you the space 3-Dimensional look, you are naturally turning new and unique with designs.

3. You are totally in love with Timber and you already know about the origin of the timber used for your flooring or decking purposes.

4. Design Parquet eliminates the gapping problem which makes it ideal for the interior of your house and making it much more appealing to look at. It resists cupping and crowning, as wider planks are even more vulnerable. It provides homeowners with a more economical and sustainable solution.

5. You feel that Parquet style looks the best in studio houses, exhibition centers and highly built offices as it creates an illusion of 3D effect. It is even more satisfying when the guest understands the range of the owner’s creative taste and gets appreciated.

6. The engineered design is a lesser wasteful process and also it is available in a much lesser price than solid timber. Better for the environment, it allows one to have the benefits of a great looking wood floor without any guilt. This type of flooring avoids the way planks are manufactured as the subsurface layers of wood are laid in a cross-grain pattern.

In case, you have also fallen in love with the charm of Herringbone Parquet Flooring, you can find this amazing wood for flooring in