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Pictures of Natural Burma Padauk hardwood flooring

Pictures of Natural Burma Padauk hardwood flooring

By Chancelier Wood Flooring

A professional hardwood flooring manufacturer & supplier in China

Burma Padauk hardwood flooring, is also named as Burmese Padauk hardwood flooring or

Myanmar Padauk flooring, which is made of the valuable Padauk hardwood from Myanmar.

Burmese Padauk hardwood is one of the most popular but valuable & expensive padauk wood around the world, due to its limited supply and the long growth period. The unique feature of Burmese padauk flooring, compared with African padauk flooring, is its refreshing and comfortable scent odor and its warm reddish natural color.

During production, the refreshing scent smell of burmese padauk flooring would be lingering around our production facility; after installation in the house, the unbelievable fragrant odor would be alway floating in the air.

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