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What are engineered hardwood floors

What are engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood floors are made of valuable hardwood veneers attached to the plywood planks which are comprised of crossed-line wood layers. The valuable hardwood veneers are pressed by high-power machines to the plywood plank base and processed by automatic UV lacquer coating machines for the anti-scratch UV lacquer coating.

Engineered hardwood floor has high resistance against deformation or cracking; the unavoidable shrinking and expanding nature of hardwood is not obvious in engineered hardwood floors. Compared to ceramic tiles, engineered flooring has better features in balancing the indoor moisture and temperature; more importantly, theunique natural wood grain is incomparable in beauty. The installation is very easy, even in DIY way, owing to its quick-lock joint. or easy-lock joints.

The price of engineered hardwood floors are higher than  the price of ceramic tiles and laminate wooden floors, but much lower than solid hardwood flooring price, probably only 50%-60%, especially for rare &valuable hardwood flooring, such as teak flooring, wenge flooring or rosewood flooring.

One of the outstanding advantage of engineered hardwood floors are its application to under heating floor system, without any deformation or cracking, which might occur to solid hardwood flooring installed on under heating system.

engineered hardwood floors

The top wood veneers of engineered hardwood floors are classified in to two types: popular hardwood veneer, rare and valuable hardwood veneer.The common points of these hardwood veneers for engineered floors are the balance between the protection of endangered hardwood resources and people’s pursuit of the natural wood grain beauty and the natural wood color.

The most popular engineered hardwood floors are including, European oak engineered Timber flooring, merbauengineered flooring, walnutengineered flooring, birch engineered flooring, maple engineered flooring & hickory engineered flooring.

The favorably luxurious and rare engineered hardwood floors include teak engineered floors, rosewood engineered flooring, ebony engineered flooring etc.

As luxury engineered hardwood floors are usually made by 0.6mm or 1.2mm thick hardwood veneerdue to the price, in smooth surface and natural wood color. Many people prefer thicker wood veneer, such as 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm even 6.0mm, so that they could sand the flooring and renew the color and surface in future.

As a result, many engineered hardwood floors manufacturers, like Chancelier Wood Flooring, produce the popular engineered hardwood floors like engineered oak flooring in all types of colors, finishing to match the market demand for different colors and finishing. For example, flooring finishing are classified into smooth surface, brushed finishing, hand scraped finishing, distress finishing, antique finishing, brushed & scraped finishing…; the colors are classified into natural wood color, limed white color, smoked oak color, grey oak color, dark color, black color, or mixture of colors in brushed finishing and hand scraped finishing.

engineered hardwood floors base material

Multi-ply engineered hardwood flooring,themasterwork of technology development in human being history, completely has changed the traditions and the ideas about wood flooring. Its plywood base is comprised of crossed-lined ordinary hardwood boards, pressed by high-pressure machines. This cross-line multi ply structure has perfect balancing point in its interior stress, decreasing the possibility of wood deformation, wiping off the features of shrinking in dry conditions and expanding in wet conditions. Therefor, this multi-ply structure brings excellent stability, durability & good resistance againstheating & moisture to engineered hardwood floors.

The classification of engineered flooring in strip wood veneer

One strip engineered hardwood floors:

The wood veneer on top of engineered flooring is one full plank veneer, not 2 strips or 3 strips attachedtogether.

Most of people prefer one strip engineered hardwood floors, which present the unique beauty of natural hardwood grains and color, offering the feelings walking in the amazing forest.

	One strip engineered hardwood floors

twostrip engineered hardwood floors:

the top wood layer is consisting of two strips of narrow veneer, with clear lines between the strips.

the specialties of two strip engineered hardwood floors have as follow: the cost and the sense of hierarchy or lines. The cost of two-strip engineered flooring is around 20%-30% lower in cost than one strip engineered flooring. The colorful looking and different wood grain lines provide a strong sense of animation in the house, never old-fashion style. Thus two-strip engineered floors are uaually made of wood species with greatly wavy wood grain, such as white oak or red oak hardwood, ash hardwood, Brazilian cherry hardwood.

twostrip engineered hardwood floors

the multi-strips engineered wood flooring

there is another name for this flooring, which is finelineengineered wood flooring. Multi-strips floorings are usually made from oak wood, padauk wood, teak wood & black walnut wood. All these hardwood species have beautiful waves in wood grain and very attractive colors. The warm & golden color of oak, padauk and teak wood is a symbol color of royal family, representing the high-class level and elegant life of the house owners. The attractive color variation and mosaic parquet style result in an artistic feeling of lines in the flooring. This finelineengineered wood floors are always the favorable option for the little amount of people with artistic minds.

multi-strips engineered wood flooring

classification of engineered hardwood floors in coating

1 UV lacquerengineered hardwood floors

this type of engineered floors is processed by automatic Ultra-Violet coating machines, with the resins dried by UV light within 0.1second. This UV coating lacquer is much better than PU coating in anti scratch& hardness, but weak in adhesive force. Besides, this UV coating is dried to a solid film together in less than 0.1second, thus the coating itself would not has rip lines or cracking.

Oiled engineered hardwood floors:

This wood top layer of engineered floors is coated with natural wood oil, which could penetrate into the wood surface. This oiled coating is much thinner than UV coating lacquer, giving a soft and fine feeling of raw wood surface. When people walk on this oiled flooring or touch it, the feeling is the touching against the real wood, not the lacquer itself.

	classification of engineered hardwood floors in coating 	1 UV lacquerengineered hardwood floors

engineered hardwood floors pros and cons

1 excellent stability:

with the cross-line plywood structure, engineered hardwood floors are very stable in dimensions, no deformation and cracking after years of installation, even in sever weather conditions. This excellentstability makes engineered hardwood floors the best option for under heating system.

2 better price:

Engineered hardwood floors cost is determined by the thickness of top wood layer and the top layer wood species, as the plywood from cheap wood species is much lower in cost than the 100% timber hardwood floors. 100% solid timber floors are usually 18mm thick while engineered hardwood floors are only 1.2mm or 2.0mm thick in top wood layer. As a result, the price of engineered floors is much competitive than solid timber floors.

3 easy maintenance

engineered hardwood floors are usually prefinishedsurface, with high anti scratchlacquer or good resistance against scratch. After installation, there is no need for specialmaintenance for this flooring, such as waxing or sanding for renew. Waxing one time per 3 years is good enough.

4 high cost effective

After installation, engineered hardwood floors look same and feel same as solid hardwood floors, with 20%-30% lower in price. That means engineered hardwood floors have better cost performance in same quality. That is why now engineered flooring is more and more popular around the world now, a development of technology in human society.

5 easy installation.

Just like laminate wooden floors, installing engineered wood floors does not require the wooden joists upon the concrete floors. Only make sure the concrete flooring is even, with the waterproofunderlayer on top of it. That is the poplar floatinginstallation way now, quick and economical.

Chancelier flooring is a professional engineered timber flooring manufacturer and supplier in China, for teak flooring, oak flooring and wenge flooring.