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Photos of Brazilian Cherry Jatoba Hardwood Flooring in Mahogany color

Photos of Brazilian Cherry Jatoba Hardwood Flooring in Mahogany color

by Chancelier wood flooring
a professional hardwood flooring manufacturer in China

Jatoba hardwood flooring is also named as Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring. Jatoba flooring wins the high reputation around the world due to its excellence in hardness, stability and affordable price, compared to other excellent hardwood floorings like teak flooring or padauk flooring.

As Jatoba flooring originates from South America, mostly Brazil, this flooring is more popular in Americas like USA or Canada than in Europe and Asia. However, more and more people in Asia and Europe know the excellence of Jatoba flooring in quality and price, and then tend to choose this new wood species of hardwood flooring.

The below photos of Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring are sent to us by our client in Dubai UAE, who is  a local distributor of hardwood flooring, introducing this new jatoba flooring to Dubai for high-end restaurant.

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Chancelier flooring, a professonal hardwood flooring manufacturer & supplier in Foshan Guangzhou China, manufacturing and exporting Brazilian Cherry Jatoba flooring, Brazilian teak timber flooring,  Burmese teak flooring & outdoor teak wood decking over 10years.

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