The danger of excessive formaldehyde emmision from parquet flooring

Excessive formaldehyde emmision of parquet flooring  would bring peoplewith  severe irritation and edema, eye irritation respiratory tract, and over-inhalation of form ldehyde also cause Headache,asthma,  dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest congestion, eye pain, throat pain, palpitations, insomnia, poor appetite, weight loss, and hypomnesis are minor wound. If the pregnant women inhale the formldehyde for a long term, there would be problems like fetal malformations ,even fetal death. Men’s inhaling  Formaldehyde might result in their sperm abnormalities and death.


The formaldehyde poisoning from the density of formaldehyde emmision density in the air:

0.1mg/M3 : odor and discomfort;

0.5mg/M3: irritating to the eyes, watery eyes

0.6mg/M3, throat discomfort or pain.

1.0mg/M3:nausea, vomiting, cough, chest tightness, wheezing pulmonary edema;

30mg/M3: death immediately.

formaldehyde emmision standard

If foramaldyde emmision of could reach a certain range and do not exceed the standard, people’s health would be safely protected.

The Standard of Formaldehyde Emission of hardwood flooring in China:    GB/T 18102-2007
The Standard of Formaldehyde Emission of parquet in European Unions :  EN13329-2006

The Standard of Formaldehyde Emission

E1≤1.5 mg/L ( 1 L = 0.001 M3)

E0≤0.5 mg/L ( 1 L = 0.001 M3)

formaldehyde emmision

( Chancelier parquet flooring are 100% of E1 standard, and we could reach E0 standard based on clients’ requirement)