This is probably the most expensive floor in the world!

This is probably the most expensive floor in the world!

What kind of hardwood flooring of around 160sqf would be to cost you over USD 12000.00 in total?Rosewood? Ebony hardwood?Or Mosaic Parquet Flooring made in Italy?

kobe bryant hardwood flooring


It is maple hardwood sport flooring, taken from Kobe Bryant’s last game in Staples Center of Los Angeles Lakers, one of most famous &successful teams in NBA history. Kobe Bryant, one of the best players of NBA history, played for Lakers for 20 years, bringing 5 NBA champions to his team. In 2006-2007 season, Kobe scored 81 point, his new career high record, against Toronto Raptors. This is the second most points scored in a single game in NBA history behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game in 1962.

kobe stats

In Kobe’s final game against Utah Jazz in Staples Center, 38-year-old Kobe scored 60 points and helped Lakers win the game finally.

This USD 12000.00 hardwood flooring, from Kobe’s last game, printed with “8”, Kobe Number in his early career, was installed only for his last game to thank him for all he has done for Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers start auctioning this No.8 hardwood flooring section from Kobe’s finally game and the money from this Auction will be use for the team’s charity.

As a professional hardwood timber flooring manufacturer and supplier over 10 years, Chancelier wood flooring estimates that this sports maple hardwood flooring is around USD 3-5.0/sqf only for wholesale price. That means Kobe’s signature and installation in Kobe’s last game make this No. 8 hardwood flooring section increase its value at least 15 times.

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