What is solid hardwood flooring and the classification? FINAL!!

What is solid hardwood flooring

Solid wood flooring is made from 100% solid hardwood boards, the oldest wooden floors in history.

1.What is the distinguishing feature of solid hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood acacia flooring is one of the most popular building material for interior decorations. It natural beauty, elegance and nobility make the houses very warm and charming; its soft surface makes people feel very comfortable when walking on it; sold wooden floors feels warm in winters and feels cool during hot summers,balancing the moisture indoors; with 100% natural hardwood, solid wooden floors are regarded as the real green product without any substance harmful for human body. With lots of advantages, solid hardwood flooring becomes one of the most popular wooden products for interior decoration.

The outstanding advantage of solid hardwood floorings

1. Natural beauty in its wood color, annual rings and wood grains

2. Nice walking from its smooth ,soft& resilient surface;

3. Excellences in warm-keeping, insulation in heating & sounding;

4. Sanding & refinishing for the new looking after years of usage

The disadvantage of solid wooden floors:

1. strict requirement on moisture content control, it is not applicable for areas where are very dry or very wet, as the solid hardwood floors would get shrinking and expanding easity;

2.vulnerable to fire & the chemical corrosion of acids & bases,

2.How to classify the solid hardwood floorings ?

According to the ways of installing solid hardwood floors, there are three types of solid wooden flooring: solid wooden floorings with joints, solid wooden floorings without joints and solid wooden floorings for inlaying. And solid wooden flooring with joints are the most popular one.

According to the finishing of solid hardwood floors, there are prefinished solid hardwood flooring, and unfinished solid hardwood flooring. The most popular one is prefinished solid wood flooring with UV lacquer.

According to the origins of wood species, there are solid hardwood floorings of local wood species and imported wood species. The solid wood floorings of local wood species include birchflooring, ash flooring & maple flooring. The solid wood floorings of imported wood species include beech flooring, elm flooring, merbau flooring, santos mahogany wood flooring, ipe wood flooring, Burma teak flooring, cumaru wood flooring, jatoba wood flooring, iroko wood flooring etc.

3.What is the grading standard for solid hardwood flooring?

According to the national standard for solid wood flooring in China, the solid wooden floor could be classified in to three types: Tope grade quality (AAA grade quality), A grade quality & qualified grade quality.

According to the surface of solid wood flooring, there are four types of solid wood flooring: A grade, AB grade, ABC grade and ABCD grade. A grade flooring is perfect in surface, clear and clean, uniform color; AB grade flooring is the common standard quality, almost perfect in surface, with very little sound knots, uniform color; ABC grade is with small dead knots, sapwoods and a little big sound knots; ABCD grade is with big dead knots, sapwoods. People in Asia and Middle east prefer A grade and AB grade of solid wooden floors while People from North America and Europe love ABC grade and ABCD grade for its natural style.

4. what is the National Quality Standard of Solid hardwood Floorings

The active National Quality Standard of Solid hardwood floorings in China now is GB/T 15036-2001 for solid hardwood floorings and most of the qualified wooden floor manufacturers in China execute the production of solid wooden floors in accordance to this quality standard.

According to this quality standard, there are strict requirements on these 3 aspects: appearancequality, processing accuracy& mechanical properties.

The requirements on mechanical properties are including moisture content,abrasion resistance of flooring lacquer, adhesive force of coating & hardness of coating.

Moisture content requirement, from 7%to equilibrium moisture content for the local arear, means the moisture content for those solid wooden floorings, which are in good packing in the sales area or whose exterior packing is just removed. If not qualified on this requirement, the solid wooden floors would get easily deformed, bending, arching, wider gaps. All of these phenomenons would have bad influence in the looking and usage.

The abrasion resistance of flooring lacquer indicates the abrasion performance of solid wood flooring lacquer. If not qualified in abrasion resistance, the solid wooden floorings are coated with low-quality lacquer, without anti scratchfunctions. This unqualified solid flooring would not have a long lifetime for usage. The National Quality Standard requirements on the abrasion resistance for flooring lacquer are as follows: AAA grade ≤0.08g/100r, A grade≤0.10g/100r,qualified ≤0.15g/100r.

Adhesive force of floor coating indicates how strongly the coating is adhesive to the flooring surface. If not qualified in adhesive force of coating, those solid hardwood floorings are poor in the quality of lacquer. After installation, this type of solid timber floors might probably suffers from lacquer cracking and lacquer falling off.

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