what is teak wood

What is teak wood

1 what is botanical name for teak wood?

The botanical or scientific name of teak wood is Tectona Grandis. Only Tectona Grandis is real teak wood, other teak woods like Brazilian teak wood or Golden Teak wood are not genuine teak wood.

teak wood lumber

2 Where do teak wood comes from?

Teak wood is a large tropical hardwood originating in Southeast Asia, like Thailand, Myanmar, India, Laos, Indonesia & Malaysia. As teak wood is an expensive hardwood, teak trees have been widely planted in the area suitable for teak wood growth, such as Africa and Latin America with the annual rainfall nearly up to 5000mm.

Growing in a mixed hardwood forests, Teak wood could reach 30 – 40meter in height and 1-1.5meter in trunk diameter. But teak grows very slowly and needs at least 40-50years to grow from a sapling to a mature towering tree.


3 What is teak wood texture ?

Teak wood texture is somewhat coarse and feels little gentle when touching. If soaked with water, teak wood would not feel slippery, but coarse. Thanks to it silicon content inside, teak wood always gives a coarse feeling for touching or walking. As a result, teak wood is naturally anti slippery, very suitable for swimming pool hardwood decking and bathroom wood flooring.

coarse teak wood texture

4 What is teak wood grain?

Teak wood grain is very elegant in beauty, with the subtle & mellow inky lines which would wavy, or straight. These wavy or straight wood grains of teak wood look like the abstract Chinese-style paintings drawn by the Nature, the best-gifted painter in the world. The special feature of teak wood grain is the mellow and subtle ink lines, which look like drawn by the painter with fountain pen.

In contrast, the plantation teak wood grains are wilder and stronger in the lines, like a rough draft painting by a tyro painter. Of course, plantation teak wood grains still look more beautiful than other conventional hardwood species.

radical straight teak wood grains  wavy teak wood grains

5 what is teak wood color?

Teak wood color is from light brown to dark brown color at heartwood, with creamy color at sapwood.

Usually, old-growth teak wood color is medium brown to dark brown, with more harmonious and mellow beauty than new teak wood that is less than 50years, with lighter brown color.

For teak flooring and teak furniture indoors and not exposed to sunlight, teak wood color turns more beautiful with golden brown color after years.

For outdoor use and exposure to sunlight, teak wood would turn grey silver color after years, if teak wood is not processed with maintenance for finishing each year.

5 what is teak wood varieties?

Teak wood could be classified into many types based on its origins, its growth way.

For example, according to its origin, there are Burma teak wood, Indonesian teak wood, Indian teak Wood, Malaysian teak wood, Africa teak wood.

According to its growth way, there are wild teak wood from old-growth forest and plantation teak wood.

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6 what are the teak wood uses?

Teak is a very valuable & popular hardwood in the world with its high reputation in excellence of wood properties: beautiful color and appearance,outstanding resistance against water, termites & pests; distinct stability in dimensions and amazing durability. The combination of all these admirable features makes teak wood become the king of woods for hundreds of years.

The amazing water-proof feature & durability of teak wood make teak wood the favorite wood material for furniture, house building and boatbuilding.

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7 Why is teak wood so expensive?

The demand of teak wood around is very huge, especially among rich people for their high-end furniture, house decorations, hardwood flooring and boat building. The beauty of teak wood and the astonishing teak wood properties, like waterproof, durable and pest-proof, have won the admiration and favor from people around the world, especially in the high-level society of rich people.

The supply of teak wood now is limited, especially for those high-quality teak woods from old-growth natural forest. High-quality mature teak wood needs at least 50years for growth. The slow growth limits the supply of teak wood in large quantity in a short term and the large demand of teak wood in the top class makes the price of teak wood increase more and more.

Finally, Teak wood is nearly irreplaceable now. Teak wood is medium hard, feeling soft and gentle, with excellent beautiful color and wood grains; Teak wood also has resistance against termites, pests and rotting bacteria; Teak wood is extremely durable and stable. It is extremely difficult to find one hardwood species with the same or similar features that teak wood has. Until now, no wood could match teak wood in all these aspects. Teak wood is so unique and so amazing in the world that no other hardwood could replace its role in the heart of people.

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