What is wenge wood?

What is wenge wood?

Wenge wood, with its scientific name Milletia laurentii, is an endangered hardwood in central Africa, mostly in Congo, Mozambique&Tanzania. Wenge wood trees could grow to be 30meter high, with trunk diameter about 1.2meter wide.


Due to its popularity in furniture, wood flooring & veneer in deco, wenge wood has been undergoing excessive logging with over 50% reduction in the past 30 years.

Wenge hardwood takes pride in its gorgeous beauty of wood grains and colors: dark chocolate wood ground color decorated with liner or wavy golden wood grains. This outstanding feature of wenge wood absorbs a prevailing admiration & application among designers & architects for interior & exterior decoration of houses.

wenge detail

Wenge wood has hard surface& coarse texture, excellent stability in dimensions & good resistance against decay & termites, similar to other exotic hardwood such as Iroko ( African Teak) Wood, Merbau wood. That is why wenge wood flooring and wenge wood furniture are so popular now.

With very low luster, chocolate –color wenge wood contains rich resin inside. Thus staining colors to wenge wood is not practical, in the angle of efficiency. As a result, oil finishing is the popular way of finishing process for wenge wood. As to the un-finishing surface, that is never an choice for wenge flooring, wenge furniture or wenge cabinets, due to the toxicity of wenge wood.


The taxicity of wenge wood is never severe, to human bodies or animals. But wenge powder does bring about irritation of eyes or skins and slight effect on nervous system, even causing pains in belly. In history, fine wenge powder was used by people to numb fish for fishing.