Why Is Prefinished Acacia Wood Flooring Recommended?

Wood flooring is something which is very lavishing to look at but at first you need to know all about the process. The prefinished Acacia Wood Flooring is the best way to choose because after going through the construction process, you might not want to retain some more patience. Sometimes even weeks, before moving furniture back into the room. Even though the floor may be dry to the touch, it will be vulnerable to scraping until the waiting time has elapsed and the finish has fully cured.
Reasons Of Why Prefinished Wood Flooring Is Recommended:

1. Prefinished wood flooring is mostly recommended in the business but there are few professionals who believe that unfinished wood flooring is better. Prefinished wood flooring or the ones which is finished on-site using oil-based polyurethane, the homeowner must wait days to enter the house otherwise the hardwork will be ruined.

2. For days after applying an oil-based polyurethane for unfinished wood, you will smell and breathe in vapors from polyurethane resins and solvents. VOCs have been shown to be carcinogenic, and some waterborne polyurethanes produce them too. Prefinished is recommended because they are already cured in a factory and not in your living room.


3. Dust and errant hairs are another enemy of on-site floor finishing. You will need to take measures to protect prefinished floors and it will have contractors tromping around with tools and equipment around the house.

4. Unfinished wood might cost low at the very beginning but once you factor in finishing costs, prefinished ends up being less expensive. Prefinished solid wood floors initially cost more than unfinished wood flooring a good grade of red oak will be worth later.

5. While you choose the Acacia Wood Flooring, there is no need of staying home to complete the various stages of finishing job like sanding, sealing, staining, applying polyurethane and so on. A crew of two had our 300-square-foot solid wood floor installed, with underlayment, in only about two hours.