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3/4 Bronze Solid Acacia Wood Flooring

Price: $ 33.0 - 36.0/Sqm

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3/4 Bronze Solid Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia also known as Asian walnut is widely known for its hardness and wild nature. We manufacture naturally beautiful acacia hardwood which is artistic when use for interior decoration. From dark to light each shade of black, brown, red and golden color is available within this type flooring. It is one of the best and hardwood flooring to use for interiors in order to add amazing sprit to the home.

We supply Acacia flooring that is elegant in designs and long lasting to use. You do not need to pay much more to get flooring with unique grain pattern. Our acacia floorings are money saving yet exotic floor materials to install in homes. This floor material will surely add a optimistic attitude and positive energy in the environment of your home. In addition, this is versatile and innovative flooring that let your creativity skills lead the way.

Flooring of the basement is a crucial decision to make because you do not want to re-model the flooring again and again. So it is ideal to choose Acacia Wood Flooring for basement flooring. We offer you engineered hardwood planks that can be nailed down, glued down or simply snapped and floated over a foam-rubber underlayment. Popularity of engineered wood types is increasingly growing because of its versatility.

Acacia Wood Flooring, being an engineered hardwood is designed to be installed over concrete. It is composed of three or more wood layers which are stacked in a cross-grain configuration and bonded together under heat and pressure. These planks can be installed directly over any type of pre-existing flooring as long as the surface is hard, flat and stable.

Durability and longevity being the most crucial factor, Acacia Wood Flooring is the perfect flooring for basement directly proportional to the longevity for having various restrictions. There are even more ample factors to consider like sheen, color and finish.

Benefits Of Installing Acacia Wood Flooring

Strength: Exceptionally strong, these are obtained from all the hardwood species of trees. Acacia wood is a hardwood obtained from the thorny Babul tree. The botanical name for Babul is Acacia Nilotica from the family of Fabaceae. Acacia Wood Flooring is eco-friendly because the trees it is obtained from is fast-growing and survive well in tropical regions all over the world.

Extremely Durable: If you wish to buy furniture that will serve you, Acacia wood furniture lasts for many long years and in many cases even over 100 years. The longevity as compared to the particle board furniture which lasts only 2 to 3 years is way too much. With proper care even your children and then your grandchildren can find the antique wood pieces around.

Aesthetics: These are very attractive when used for house or studios because of their straight grain pattern coupled with a rich color. The heartwood is reddish brown in colour, while the sapwood is yellowish-white.

Resistance To Termites And Insects: Anyone who has ever had termites climbing on walls understand the problem with their existence. Acacia Wood Flooring has a natural oil content that resists termites, fungal stains, and also repels other insects to be destroyed. Also, the termite and insect resisting quality in turn increases the life span of wood gradually.

High Dimensional Stability: Seasoning of wood involves drying the timber logs obtained from trees, it retains its dimensions and is a stable material. A fine seasoned Acacia wood furniture does not warp or shrink too much, thus to reduce its moisture content. Well-dried wood is not easily affected by climate changes.

Hand-Carved: Unlike engineered wood products such as Particle boards, MDF or plywood, this hardwood is hand-carved to increase its beauty. Since, it is considered to the right material for antique Acacia Flooring, often it has interesting design patterns or shapes carved into the wood surface. From a carpenter's or artisan's point of view, Acacia is a fantastic material to work with.

Acacia Wood Flooring

Product Name
3/4 Bronze Solid Acacia Wood Flooring
Origin Southeast Asia
Scientific Name Acacia Confusa (short leaf acacia)
Product Size 610x120x18mm / 400-1200x120x18mm
Misture Content 8% -12%

Natural or customized




Living room,bedroom,


Clean with Vacuum;

Dry Mopping only;

Waxing every 6 month;

Lead Time
25-30 days
Strong Cartons with pallets
30000 sqm per month
Minimum Quantity
200 sqm

Acacia Wood Flooring


Product Name  

3/4 Bronze Solid Acacia Wood Flooring

Standard Size  

400-1200 x 90 x 18mm 

400-1200 x 120 x 18mm 

Quality Grade  

ABC grade  






T & G joint 




Smooth or hand-scraped


Unfinished,or UV lacquer


Artistic & natural beauty for decoration


30-50 years  

Packing & shipment from Chancelier Wood Flooring

  1 All products of wood flooring or mosaic parquet are packed in strong carton for exporting;

  2 The cartons of products are packed with pallets;

  3 Full container of products and Less than container products are both available;

  4 Small order for shipment from China to other countries can be arranged by Chancelier Wood Flooring;

  5 Clients shall clear custom in time for the products after the shipment reaches destination port to avoid any demurrage & detention charges;

  6 Clients shall be clear about tax rate for importing and pay importing tax of the products;

Packing & Pallet from Chancelier Wood Flooring

Getting Sample of Art Parquet Flooring from Chancelier Wood Flooring 

  1 Samples of Art Parquet Flooring needs to be charged for sample fee;

  2 New Samples of Art Parquet needs 10-15 days for production;

  3 Delivery  charges for samples needs to be paid by clients;

  4 Payment for sample fee could be accepted in RMB , USD or Euro;

  5 Sample fee would be paid through Westunion, Paypal or Moneygram;

Getting Sample of Wood Flooring from Chancelier Wood Flooring

  1 Samples of hardwood flooring or engineered oak flooring with standard finishing would be free;

  2 Samples of wood flooring with special finishing ( special brushed, or hand scraped ,or distressed) 

would be charged for sample fee;

  3 Samples of hardwood flooring needs around 5-7 days for production;

     Samples of engineered wood flooring needs around 7-15 days for production;

  4 Delivery charges for samples need to be paid by clients;

  5 Payment for sample fee could be accepted in RMB,USD or Euro;

  6 Sample fee would be paid through Westunion, Paypal or Moneygram;

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