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Unfinished Palo Santo Hardwood Flooring

Price: $ 35.0 - 39.0/Sqm

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Unfinished Palo Santo Hardwood Flooring

Palo Santo Hardwood is extremely hard, with over 4500psi in Janka hardness rating, which

 is already the highest rate among all the hardwood species.

Owing to its rich oily feature, Palo Santo hardwood flooring is popular with unfinished

 surface, as its oily surface makes it difficult to get lacquer coating. And its natural oil has

 excellent protection for its raw surface as an oily or waxing coating.

Palo Santo wood emits a very pleasant odor, which has a very good affect on human beings.

With fresh cutting, Palo Santo wood looks light brown; as times go on, its light brown color 

turns a little greenish brown, just like the green lawn in the early spring. 

Chancelier Wood Flooring, Guangzhou China, provides Unfinished Palo Santo

 Hardwood Flooring with high quality, steady delivery time & good customer service from

 more than 10 years of experience in production of hardwood flooring,engineered wood

 flooring & art parquet flooring.

Our parquet flooring has won trust from customers around the world:  

    Royal family in Middle East has chosen our parquet flooring for their palace;

    You would see our parquet flooring in 7-star hotel in Dubai UAE; 

    High-end apartments & villas in Hongkong & Macau are installed with our parquet flooring;


Chancelier Wood Flooring hope to be your reliable & longer term Unfinished Palo Santo 

Hardwood Flooring supplier.

Product Name
Unfinished Palo Santo Hardwood Flooring
Origin South America
Scientific Name Bulnesia App
Product Size 610x90x18mm / 910x120x18mm
Misture Content 8% -12%

Natural or customized




Living room,bedroom,


Clean with Vacuum;

Dry Mopping only;

Waxing every 6 month;

Lead Time
25-30 days
Strong Cartons with pallets
30000 sqm per month
Minimum Quantity
200 sqm

Chnancelier Wood Flooring
one of best Palo Santo Hardwood Floor Manufacturers

Product Name  

Unfinished Palo Santo Hardwood Flooring

Standard Size  

610 x 90 x 18mm 

910 x 120 x 18mm 

Quality Grade  

AB grade  


850-1000 g/cm3  




T & G joint 




Smooth Finishing




Artistic & natural beauty for decoration


30-50 years  

Packing & shipment from Chancelier Wood Flooring

  1 All products of wood flooring or mosaic parquet are packed in strong carton for exporting;

  2 The cartons of products are packed with pallets;

  3 Full container of products and Less than container products are both available;

  4 Small order for shipment from China to other countries can be arranged by Chancelier Wood Flooring;

  5 Clients shall clear custom in time for the products after the shipment reaches destination port to avoid any demurrage & detention charges;

  6 Clients shall be clear about tax rate for importing and pay importing tax of the products;

Packing & Pallet from Chancelier Wood Flooring

Getting Sample of Art Parquet Flooring from Chancelier Wood Flooring 

  1 Samples of Art Parquet Flooring needs to be charged for sample fee;

  2 New Samples of Art Parquet needs 10-15 days for production;

  3 Delivery  charges for samples needs to be paid by clients;

  4 Payment for sample fee could be accepted in RMB , USD or Euro;

  5 Sample fee would be paid through Westunion, Paypal or Moneygram;

Getting Sample of Wood Flooring from Chancelier Wood Flooring

  1 Samples of hardwood flooring or engineered oak flooring with standard finishing would be free;

  2 Samples of wood flooring with special finishing ( special brushed, or hand scraped ,or distressed) 

would be charged for sample fee;

  3 Samples of hardwood flooring needs around 5-7 days for production;

     Samples of engineered wood flooring needs around 7-15 days for production;

  4 Delivery charges for samples need to be paid by clients;

  5 Payment for sample fee could be accepted in RMB,USD or Euro;

  6 Sample fee would be paid through Westunion, Paypal or Moneygram;

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